"His character in Game of Thrones makes me want to live in that world. I literally fantasize about being forced to marry Khal Drogo."


"I just can’t make myself watch the last episodes of Game of Thrones Season 1 because its going to break my heart to watch Drogo die"


"He was the reason I watched Stargate: Atlantis."


"I watched Stargate for YEARS never knowing his name, but always thinking "That Big guy with the dreads is HOT!""


"I cry everytime Khal Drogo dies."


" I secretly hope that even though Jason’s hometown is half~way across the State from mine, he might come back & film a movie here someday."


"The Blue Body Paint that Jason wore on GoT as Khal Drogo; You Wouldn’t have had to pay me to apply that every day."


"He is my perfect Wrath, if someone decide to make a tv show or a movie about the Black Dagger Brotherhood I would be really happy with him as Wrath."

hi guys! where are those confessions?!


"I love what an amazing actor Jason is. It was all the subtle looks and chemistry he had as Drogo and Ronon that made me fall in love with him."